[SpinVector] BANG! HD v1.01(6) Symbian^3 Signed

Pixel perfect 1:1 HD hardware accelerated graphics. Designed and optimized for N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. Join 600'000 boardgame players in this award-winning Spaghetti-Western experience. In the wild west, the Sheriff gives chase to the Outlaws, the Outlaws give chase to the Sheriff, and the Renegade plots in the dark, ready to switch from one side to the other. Which of the gunmen are Deputies, ready to sacrifice themselves for the Sheriff? And which are the merciless Outlaws?


[Gameloft] Block Breaker 3 Unlimited HD v1.00(7) Symbian^3 Signed

Much more than breaking blocks.
Break on through to the next generation of Block Breaker! Experience deeper, more intricate levels that take you far beyond a single screen full of blocks. Grab power-ups, trigger switches and blast through gateways to reach new areas as you push your way towards the top. Try to keep up with multiple balls on the same screen, or even multiple pads! The thrill never stops thanks to the level generator. Enemies and epic boss battles await you each step of the way, so stay focused and have a blast!!